Missing My 2000 Honda CRV AWD

Many years ago I had a 2000 Honda CRV. It was the first car that I had actually ever bought for myself. Before the CRV I drove a 1990 Honda Civic sedan that my dad let me have. It was a great car too but a little small for my needs at the time since I was frequently hauling music equipment between the schools I worked at. Imagine fitting a tuba in a Honda Civic! If you can you get why I needed a larger car.

2000 Honda CRV AWD Green front view

For months I had my eye on a Green Honda CRV at a Mazda dealer in Knoxville, TN. We stopped and looked at it one Sunday (because no one was working) and peaked at the interior, checked the price, and gave it a general look over. It had a dent on the tailgate, that didn’t bother me. I imagined that a errant baseball had hit it at some point. It was also a stick shift. My 1990 Civic was also manual transmission so that certainly wasn’t an issue for me, but I think it was for other car buyers an was probably why it didn’t sell quickly.

We watched it for a while, or rather I did, my wife wasn’t as keen on spending money on a new car at that time. Finally one day we stopped by the dealership to look inside. The intent wasn’t to buy the car that day, just look at it and see what we thought. The salespeople convinced us to sit down and talk and they ended up giving us their best offer.

Since we didn’t intend to buy a car that day we were not extremely eager to spend the money. Finally we stood up to leave and then the price dropped. Funny how that works. So we sat back down. We were cash buyers and ended up making arrangements to pick up the car and trade in the old 1990 Honda Civic. That was a great car too. A burgundy 4 door stickshift LX but this story isn’t about that car.

Green HONDA CRV- side view

That 2000 Honda CRV was an awesome car. It had the All Wheel drive feature which in the few times I had to drive in the snow was trouble free. I remember driving down HWY 321 in Maryville TN in 4-6 inches of snow and whizzing past other drivers. OK maybe whizzing past is an exaggeration but traction and control was never an issue.

The CRV took us on many trips to the Smoky Mountains. Cades Cove was a favorite spot for my wife and I. I don’t remember how many times we visited but it was quite a few. We traveled the loop and picnicked with the convenient built in picnic table in the CRV. I think they took that feature out for the 2nd generation CRV’s which is somewhat disappointing. Sometimes its the little things that make a difference.

We later moved back to Middle TN to be closer to family and the CRV did great with no issues for a few more years but then something happened and force us to trade in the car. My 3rd child was on his way and there was no way to squeeze 3 car seats into the back row of the CRV. I had to trade it in for a Honda Odyssey. It was the end of the CRV years.

2000 Honda CRV with carseats
We could fit two car seats but needed room for a third!

So why in 2020 am I writing about a 20 year old car? It’s not even a sports car or a classic. Lately on YouTube I’ve been watching these overlanding videos. A lot of them are driving older model CRVs and other all wheel drive cars like Subaru Foresters. There’s something appealing to me about driving through our national forests and parks, camping when you find a good spot and simply enjoying the trip.

Over the last year I’ve done a little research on my old Honda CRV. It’s still on the road, or at least it was registered again in 2019 in Paducah Kentucky. I have no clue what it’s condition is today. If it’s sitting in someone’s backyard doing nothing, if it’s their daily driver, or if they have modded the CRV into something else. There’s a part of me that has this strange notion that maybe I could track down the owner of my old car and buy it back. That would be an interesting story I think.

Interior of the Honda CRV 2000
Interior of the 2000 Honda CRV

I would like to drive my old CRV around for fun, for the memories, and maybe to pass down to one of my children. I’m often needing to go off road for my job (real estate) so it would be helpful in that way too. The CRV probably has over 200K miles on it by now but you and I both know that even at that mileage a Honda still has many more miles to go. When we traded in the CRV it was in perfect shape, hopefully it still is considering its age.

So if you happen across this post and happen to be the one who owns my old green 2000 CRV with a manual transmission send me note (I can verify the VIN because crazy me kept my old docs). I would love to talk!

2000 Honda CRV Dashboard
Dashboard of the 2000 Honda CRV